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March 2001-Dec 2001

Dec 27, 2001

Right now I'm looking for a new job, and until I find another job, I'm on vacation. Becuase of that, there really isn't much to tell about. I stayed in the computer lab all day today doing stranged things with fractals and pictures. Last week I made a painting (unfourtunatly,the photo is not very good, but at least you can get an idea of what it looks like). I knitted a scarf, and attended so many band practices that my neck hurts, but we learned quite a few new songs so that was good.

Oh, did I ever mention I was in a band? If not, sorry. We are still trying to deside on a band name, so i don't know what to call it yet. There are currently three mebers in the band. I'll put their first names, becuase I don't know how to spell their last names. Lori is the song writer, lead singer and guitarist. Darin is the group manager, singer and only percussionist. I play harmony on the violin . I'll make a website as soon as we can figure out a name and have some pictures taken.

I bought a small christmas tree that is about the length of my arm--from my elbow to my fingers. The tree fits perfectly in my house. I decorated it and now it looks very nice, here is a christmas picture. I did not go anywhere far this year for Christmas. I did go to my friends house. It was fun haveing Christmas with my friend and her daughter.

I finnaly got the chance to get a rough photo of my origional juggler picture on the web.

Have a Great Christmas and New Year!

Nov 24, 2001

Today is saterday, and it's raining outside. This week I had a four day weekend becuase of Thanksgiving. I was busy almost the entire time practicing music with LoriT, which is good, becuase I needed the practice.

For Thanksgiving itself, I ate lunch at my friends from Egypt's house. It went well, and they cooked one Egyption dish along with the usuall Americal turky and potatoes .

I added some sections from a Theodore Sturgeon book I read a long time ago, but never got around to typing all the quotes out. I also changed the selections part by putting authors names instread of book titles. I hope it helps.

I really would like to put up some new pictures, becuase I have been working on some illustrations for my children's stories, but I haven't had a chance to scann any recently.

Oct 25, 2001

Today is thursday, so that means that I get to go home early becuase I started work early. I rode my bike throught alomst dark streets all the way to work. The earth is tilting and the season is changing so the sun sleeps in and dosen't get up until about 8:00 or 8:30! The interesting thing about rideing in the dark was that even though I couldn't see well, I knew exactly where the pot-holes sat, and exactly how much to turn the handlebars to avoid them. I guess that's why it's good to always take the roads all the time.

Today in the playground I wore my dark-red poncho from Ecuador, and all the kids and the teachers liked it. Despite the fact that I could have gotten sand all over my nice poncho, I dug interesting scuptures in the sand. After digging, and brushing the dirt off myself, I sat back and watched a group of kids run up and wreck my scuptures in no time at all. I didn't mind the fact that they wrecked the thing. They always do. Besides, making scuptures in the sand is just play to me. It's the process that is fun, though I do like to see a nice result, even if just for a moment. I can always make or re-make scuptures if needed.

Last week one of the classes took pictures of all the teacher's here with a digitol camera, so I uploaded all the pictures. This is right now, the most recent picture of me. Hopefull this weekend I can make a simple web-site to show you what my co-corkers look like.

Sept 25, 2001

Work is work, but I'll still tell you all about it. Durring recess at the pre-school I teach at, I mined clay from beneth the playground using a simple plastic shovel. The clay was a beautiful red-brown colour, and all the kids begged to have some. I eventually dug so much clay that kids went away with buckets full of the stuff! When i finnally stood up, my legs were wobbily, becuase i had been digging and bending for soooo long, but it was fun, so i didn't mind.

My brother got an electric scooter and he let me ride it a bit. Avctually, he took his scooter, and I rode my bike, and we went all the way past ace hardware and back just for fun. I picked up some snow boots that were on sale while passing walmart, so that was good.

I need a new book to read, but i haven't desided on which one yet...sometimes it takes me a day or two to find what book i'll read next, butinthe meantime i re-read book's i've read before.

The light bulb in the class blew out yesterday and it made enough electrical smoke to set off the fire alarm and stink up the clas room with corbon monoxide. It was an adventure, and it was really good fire drill practice for everyone. The fire people (you cant say "fireman" anymore..) had to come to turn the alarm off. Hopefully the smoke really WAS the light, and not something burning inside the wall.

I have a Fixing a flat tire(on your bike) page that I made from some instructions I recived over e-mail. It could be helpful, and might be one of the few useful pages I have on this site. Actually, conme to think of it, it is at the moment very useful becuase I just happen to have a flat tire on my bike.

It's supposed to be getting colder now, but to me it still seems very nice. Anyway, I better go back to work!

Aug 21, 2001

I finally got a job! I now work a the university day care. I ride bike to the daycare every morning, and then back home evey evening. It's a good job, and I like the kids. There will be 20 kids in the class, all from the ages or 2-5. So sometimes it's crazy!

I found a wonderful bookshelve in the trash. I dragged the heavy wooden thing to my house, and noticed its awful light-yellow colour. I love to paint and always keep a bucket of white paint around the house, so changing the bookshelves colour was no problem. Now it looks like a store-bought new shelve, and I finally have enought room for all my books, even the oversize ones!

Next to the bookshelve, I found a soft swivel chair someone just didn't need anymore. In fact, its previous owner helped me carry it to my house. I always love swivel chairs, becuase you can spin in circles. Now my house looks different than it did before--at least on the inside anyway.

I'll have to get around to that some day. My home computer is happily upgraded to a pentium 133, but it still has Win 3.1, and I am having problems installing Win 95. Mabye I'll just install linux instead...

I haven't scanned any drawn pictures recently, so nothing new for you to see in that area. I have written some more essays, so at least something around here is new.

July 24, 2001

Last week the mail-man noticed water bubbling up through the front yard where I live. A water pipe had broken! It was interesting that for the last few weeks I had been wondering why the plants on one side of the house were green, while the plants on the other side were brown. The pipe was sub-soil watering that half of the lawn , which is of course the most expensive way to water a lawn.

My water was off most of the time the pipe was being fixed, so I spent a lot of time at my brother's apartment. Speaking about my brother, he now owns a real full-size cello, and he's pretty good at playing it.

I have added several Chrisitan essays to my page. A couple of them, ("Holy Spirit in Creation" and Book Review:Strongholds In Your City") are papers I wrote for class, but I still thought they were interesting enough to put up on the site.

June 29, 2001

A really nice family in town gave me a purple ladies mountain bicycle! It has 15 speeds and can go up and down hills really fast. Unfourtunatly, there arn't many hills here to try the it on, so I'm happy peddling on flat land. It took me a while to figure out how to lower the seat, but I finally managed to barrow someone's wrench and lower it. Now it fits and works great! I have been peddling all over the place.

I finnaly made a very rough black and white copy of my alien picture. I still don't have a real job, but I should have one soon. It will probably one where I'm around kids. Hopefully someday I'll be able to get a nice quiet office job instead of one full of exploding situations ...

I really want to do some overhalling to the Graphics section on my Dr. who pages, the only trouble is that it takes forever to do that sort of thing! I've bene making some boring Dr. Who images latly, and should have them up on my xoom site with a story to go with them soon. There is always so much to do!

May 30, 2001

Near the begining of the month I sent a short-short story to a small magazine publisher to see it's they'd publish it for me. So far I haven't heard anything, but then, it wasn't really a great story. If they take it, I'll be very happy.

I'm still looking for a nice job, preferable one that pays $8.00 an hour and has payed vacations...but who wouldn't want a job like that? The job I have now dosen't pay..and I mean litteraly. I get paied with food, and that's it. Now if only I could find some way I could pay my rent with food....

Mabye I ought to start my own pottery shop. Last week I found about 20 clay tools and 30 pounds of clay in someone's trash. So naturally, I took them out and carried them home. Since that time I have made about 15 designer mugs that might just be worth selling. I love to make clay people and faces out of clay more than makeing other stuff, so of course the first mug I made had a face on it. I'll see if I can scan a picture of it for you.

I made some up-dates to my writings. I've added an unfinished story that dosen't have a name yet, but on the site I called it "Fog". I also added an essay and some quotes from the movie "Contact". Come to think of it, I've also made some nice roll-overs for my Our Stories web site.

March 26, 2001

I desided to freeze it some chili that I made the other day. Unfourtunatly, I had nothing to freeze it in except a frying pan. So now some chili is on a frying pan in the freezer. I can't fry eggs, but at least the chili is in the freezer.

One of my friends is writting a graphic novel. She sent me scripts for the first two issues (broken link). She doesn't have an illustrator yet, and I got the idea that I could help her a little and draw a main character, so that she has something to go on. The cat-girl's name is Catherine.It was great fun drawing her, and I learned a few new drawing styles.

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