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Jan 2002-Dec 2002

December 31, 2002

Winter in New Hampshire is cold and snowy. Icicles hang from the windows around the house and large white mounds of snow lurk here and there. Playing in the snow which is fun even if it is quite cold, and after a while one can become quite wet. Fourtunatly is is warm and dry inside the house. School vacation is always fun even though I still have homework, mainly grading papers before the school quarter is over.

I finally finished knitting myself a long green and red scarf to wear with my poncho and my cape, which both have small bits of green and or red. Green and red are nice christmas coloures, I wear them all the time--even in the house.

I am now typing on my update computer. It only needed rebooting about 4 times while i trasfered information to it, and windows didn't even need reinstalling! so that is good. I added a poem to my writtings called in the window.

Nov 30 2002

Snow here and snow there ... a driveway to shovel..and cold wind blowing at leafless trees. Darkness comes before 1700 in the evening. The only think I can conclude is that it must be winter.

For thanksgiving I went to my relitive's house and ate the regualar assortment of delisious foods. I helped start a puzzel and pet a nice kitty that lives with my relitives.

Somehow..mabye as a result of the snow..I ended up in a knitting mode, so I found my knitting needles and happily knit a nice, very long scarf . and then, as usuall, I gave it away and it is now in good use. For some reason I have never yet kept any of the scarfs i knit so mabye someday i'll knit one for the purpose of keeping it, but until then i'll continue to knit scarfs and give them away.

I had some more fun with my digitol camera . I took a strange picture of myself and then played with it quite until it looked interesintg. A dark and almost surreal me the very leat it is interesintg. I only use irfanview and paintbrush to do all my doctoring of images, so it usually takes me a while to get it the way i want it.

I finnaly desided to take a picture of the car I drive. I do not espicily like the colour.. but at least it runs and has heating. It eats this strange transparent strange fluid that smells terrible.. but it seems to like it.. so I guess it must be good for it.

Piles of homework to grade and project outlines to create... but christmas vacaiton will proalby come sooner then I realize, and then hopefully I will have more time to add to some of my writtings.

Oct 30, 2002

I used many pictures last entry, so to make up for it i'm only going to put a few in this one.

The school took my picture and gave me some sample copies free! It was the first school picture I've had taken since for about 6 years! It is also the first school picture in which you see my glasses. Not that it makes any real difference, I just wanted to see how if would look, even if it came out terrible, it wouldn't matter becuase i wasn't ordering more anyway.

The school had a sucessful midevil faire . One of my students made an incredibly complex fake stainglass wndow for the church to make the set look authentic. I sat in the room for a while and watched as the sun made the cloth covered table look like a kolidascope.

It is getting colder and colder even snowed last week, and it has to be cold to do that! Being only a few inches deep, the snow lasted one day and melted. But it was amazing to look at and interesting trying to drive while pretty white stuff camly covers everything.

Someone asked me if I could use a newer computer, and of course I said yes--I can always use a newer computer. Espeicly if it happends to be free, though it might not be bug free..

Sept 30 2002

You can tell how much I enjoy my digitol camera becuase there are suddenly too many picture to see...

I have been doing much more than climbing trees, walking through the forest taking pictures or just playing with my camera or the computer in general. I painted a picture of a girl and a rose on a canvas given to me for my birthday. I hung the painting on a wall with some of my other paintings. Somehow I can never seem to paint a picture that looks like someone famous painted it, but I guess that is becuase I'm not trying to copy any famous person's style.

My grandmother has a rose bush in her front yard, athat needed trimming, so I went to look at it and found the place where the rose bush stood completly covered, tangled in vines--and not just any vines,but very prickly vines.. So I untangled the pricly vines from the prickly roses... it was hard work, but fun--almost like a game with a vs nature, or actually me against prickles...

One of the apple trees in the backyard had a hard time holding up all its apples and finnally cracked, making one of its branches touch the ground--poor tree... I tried to chop the branch off like I chopped at the prickly weeds, but the tree's thickness and hardness turned out to be to much for one person to do in one day with an ax, so i either need a chainsaw, or someone to help.

I visited a local outdoor faire called "the Deerfeild fair" with some relitives but still ended up gettingmyself completly lost among many facinating little shops and animal shows. One shack held prize winning paintings and photographs, from artists all over New England. Some paintings facinated me so much that I took a picture of the pictures so i could look at them again sometime.

School is going well. I've given tests and quizes and lots of homeworl to both my claees, and I think everybody is passing, so I guess that means they are learning something..or at least hopefully they are.

I added a couple of new poems to my fiction page, and have lots of pictures to play with in any spare time I can find.

August 23, 2002

This has been one of the most interesting weeks I've had in a long time. I've met so many people i can hardly remember my own name, and I've driven down nice coutry roads until i'm completly lost! And if that isn't interesting, I took a picture of myself going to sleep so you can see what I look like in New Hampshire....and this is what i look like on my first day of school.

Today I went to a beach with my Cousin, Grandmother and Aunt. We walked along the rocky shore of Hampton Beach, the ocean roaring with wetness on our feet. I took some pictures while stareing at waves and eating lunch. I think that for some reason, I'm always hungrier at the beach than I am at home. Mabye it is some sort of natural phenomenon.

I got a digitol camera and took pictures of some things i see everyday, and put them on my art site for people to download as desktops. One of my favorite pictures happends to my Grandmother's ancient shed. Everyone thinks it will tip over, but it never does!

July 25, 2002

Today was an interting day, not becuase I re-arranged my poetry and added a new unfinished story about a character named Leon and the Black Hole, but becuase for some reason half the shops in town put lots of stuff out on the sidewalk and tried to sell it on sale. I asked someone what was going on and they said that it was "dog days" I have no idea what that means, but I guess if means that if you own a store that is a good enough excuse to put stuff on sale and try to ge tpeople to buy it, right? Besides that and the terrible heat , everything seems normal.

Last week my family visited! It was fun to have them visit me and try to fit into my tiny cabish apartment. We went swimming a could of times but basicly just tried to avoid the heat of a summer in the midwest. My younger sister left an interesting object called a "poloroid sticker camera" at my house, so I had my brother take a picture of me before I sent it back to them. I scanned the result, so you can see how it came out. It is a bit blury because it's many times its origional size. The picture is very small, it measures about 5cm (1.5 in) and 2.5 cm high (1 in).

Oh, and just so everyone knows, I'm moveing to New Hampshire on Aug 14th, 2002 so this wil be my very last entry in the midwest! It's interesting that it was cheeper to buy round-trip tickets rather than one way tickerts...I wonder why..oh well. As long as it keeps the airlines happy, it dosen't matter.

June 25, 2002

I visited my family and my sister and brother-in-law in Indiana. My brother-in-law finished fixing up my old bicycle. He painted it a colour that looks different depending on the way yopu look at it. I gave away some soap that I made, and some of thoses mugs that I made a while ago. Everyone liked them, and it was fun.

I wrote an essay on how the soul and body are connected or not conected--and how that might effect certian the telepotration resurch.

While I as writting an essay, I desided to clean out some of my shorter, unfinished essays on the site for peopel to see and help me with.

Ebay is a very nice place to buy things. I wanted a video camera, and i wanted one reall yreally cheep. Unfourtunatlu, ther eis no such thing in normal stores aorund, so i went to ebay and found an old camera for ten dollars. So now I have a interesting camera to play with, and it is very fun!

May 25, 2002

This week there is some rain. That is good becuase it is supposed to rain in spring..or at least so I heard. I've had far to much fun re-reading Tolkien books this week. I used to read them over and over and over. I hadn't read them for a while, so my brain forgot how exciting they are. Beleive it or not, I think that Tolkien books are equal or surpass even my favorite Doctor who characters (which really means a lot since I do like Dr. Who. Anyway, I'll type out some Tolkien quotes for you to read.

School is out. Therefore many college students clean out their apartments, throw away all their stuff and leave around for vacation. From one of these cleaner piles of "stuff-junk", I found a practicly new game called "Settlers", and brass candlestick that looks like a life-size version of the one used inthe "Clue" game. It weighs a lot, and is tall and shiny. I put a light blue candle in it becuase that was the only colour candle I happen to havee for the moment.

The game called "Settlers of Catan" was practicly new! It is a 3-6 player game, but can also be a 2 player game. My brother and I played it twice; he won the first time and I won the second. Now i just need to find some more people to play it with.

April 30,2002

I desided to draw a nice girl playing guitar. I might use it as some image for the Hearzawho band. It took me about half a day to finish--but that's the usually time it takes when using paintbrush. It was very fun, and after I was all done, I snet it to everyeone, although what I really want to do is draw a nice background for her, and then print postcards...

Some scam company or other sent me a book about "how to make money!". The 256 page book actully TEACHES the aderage inoccent person how to scam people! What's worse is discovering all scamming teckneeks are presented as "real business oppertunities" for people who "want to get rich". So it is scams within scams!!

My birthday is in a few weeks, and that is always interesting. Birthdays are usually interesting in some way or another. If you have some money to use, I couldn't mind getting a projector TV or a new car for my birthday..but then who wouldn't? Actually, I would be happy with a birthday cake.

I put a new essay about Communication. on my writtings page. Actually, it's not really an essay, but a report i wrote for a class a while ago, but it still is interesting.. interesting should be the word of the day (i think)...

March 29, 2002

Some weeks, like this one, I seem to have a badysitting career, which is good until I can find something better. Yesterday, I took the children outside to a local "sandpit", which is actually an outdoor vollyball court . It was very fun, and I got to dig some nice holes.

Today the oputside tempeture was resonable, so I went for a nice long walk around town, stopping (naturally) at the libray. It was there that I read too many books about archetecture and swerved back and forth over the sidewalk all the home--looking at the buildings instead of where i was going.

I typed some quotes from a book by Alexander Key. He usually writes childrens books, but these sections are from a interesting adult book he wrote about slavery.

It is almost spring , and that means it's almost easter. I have to deside whether to go to the VERY early service at a local church or not. I can either wake up early and eat a nice free breakfast at church, or I can sleep and eat no breakfast. It's a very hard desision. I have to figure out which i want more: food or sleep....

Feb 27, 2002

Today is a wendsday, and I read a book on how comics started. I'm in the process of trying to draw a 3 frame comic named "Sammy" for my friend. It's not done yet, but you can look anyway.

I have my first drawing student this week. I wrote an advertisment for drawing lessons, and put up copies around in the local elementry schools .

Did I mention my brother got a scanner and now it is at my house. Well, I scaned my faces on it, and the scann came out just the way I expected it to. So you can look at it if you like. I photo-copied my face too, so you can compare the two unconventional methods of making self-portrates.

I am still working on getting my Crayon Art site up. I have som many images and I need one good 8 hour sitting to finish it right.

Jan 30, 2002

Recently, I've been making a web-page for the band "Hearzawho". The page dosen't have much on it so far, but it might be interesting.

I've been reading a lot of books recently--I guess that's not really new at all.. but I found some books by Alexander Key, and I have finnaly started reading Asimov's Foundation novels. They are very well written. The trouble is, that it's practicly impossible to find all the books. I guess people just don't care if they read the first two, skip three and then read number six seven and ten. Oh well...

I found some of my poems, and typed them. One is about a slinky. I also added a new catogory called Chlidren's Poetry.

Last week it snowed so much that school was closed for two days! I made a snowman, and a snow angel. The snow is still over the ground, and it is now very dirty and wetish and most people in general hope it will melt soon.

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