Ask Why

Why must I do as I'm told?
he cried into the dusk
at hollow eyes so harsh and dry
It's wrong they declared
It's rude to question
It's evil to wonder
about ideas you can't see
things you canít feel.
Just do what we do
you don't need to think.

That's a good enough reason to act?
he wailed into the night
at voices never ceasing, always breathing quiet, insistently.
Thinking is rebellious they whispered
Reasoning is vulgar
It is only polite
to embrace unrational rules
all people know
everyone else does.

Why follow unmistakable lies?
he muttered into flooded rives clouded with screams
towards tangled voices without hope or dreams
we must they answered
it is all we know
it is who we are
frightened of freedom
truth and death
society is not what it seems