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Debate and End Times

The end times is a contraversial issue, becuase of that, it really is easy to use it to tear down people and the churhc as you said. i do forgive everyeone, and hope they forgive me becuase i do the same thing. i think (about war) you can't fight hate with hate, and (about end times) no matter what people belive, Jesus is comming back in His way....

I think the best idea with end times views is to know generaly all the views and which one you prefer. But constantly being aware that all the views could be partialy wrong and partialy right.

I don't think debate is evil/wrong unless people take it personaly and hurt other people by it. As with most things, they are not evil or wrong in themselves, it's the people who distort them and make them wrong.

True debate is to help learn your own view better, or to make sure that your view is the right view and not the wrong view. Debate is pointless when both people are trying to convince the other person that they are wrong, and neither listen to the other, and neither change, becuase they are only looking to chenge someone else. When that happends, then it's pointless and it just end in people tearing down other people, because after a while it becomes evident that neither person is really listning, so they change tacks... but never mind i'll cease this essay before it grows too long.

Movies that Sell

I think that there needs to be more movies that are christian, but not christian in the sence that... they are made by Christians, but in the sence that they have christian ideas and truth in them. They can be written by christians, but not produced by christians. I think that the secular audience would better understand something produced that way.

Some directors or producers or writters (whoever) think that their story will only sell if it has nudity, violence or both. A movie that only sells with those things is not a good movie, and no one will ever remember it or cherish it. Shallow stories are pointless and teach nothing--unless it's what not to do.

The people who make movies with sex and violence are only thinking of money, becuase movies that HAVE to have all thoses things to make them sell will never last the "test of time". No one will remember they even existed. Movies that don't need blood or skin to sell have real plot, and the makers have better immaginations.

It's the same with writting. some go for a quick dollar, and their fiction comes in the store as best seller, is read for about a year, and then forgotten, becuase the story was nothing to remember.

Asimov and Evolution

I'm reading more short stories by asimov, and some of them show his evolutionary view. I just read one about a neandrathal boy. But the one before that was about a computer who created the universe.

Even evolutionists have to have something created, beucase you can't go from nothing to something. But then of course, when asked by a christian where did the particlaes come from, they will usually respind, well, the same place your god came from. So that argument usually dosne't work well at all. But the computer who created the universe story was more towrds creation then evolution. again, strange.

sometimes I think people can't really be athiests. I think they can convince themselfes that they don't believe in god, but i think that inside, somewhere in their heart and soul, they know that everything was created, and that there is a god.

Even in the book of romans it says that all people can know God exists becuase of nature. Another thing, is that no matter how much evolution you belieive in, there is nothing in any of it to explain how we have soul. Soul isn't something that can just evolve, and it's not intelegence or something that can bve learned. It's more than that, it's creativity, the ability to invent, the ability to think deeply, and to know that there is more. Animals can't make fiction, they have no "soul" in the human sence.

a lot of fiction is the personal search of the writer for deeper meaning. Fiction is often a soul's true voice, like music and all forms of art. No one has a desire to creat forno reason, and the best art is something that reaches into the minds and souls of others.

Even non-christian art deals with soul, even if it's a lost soul. How many songs are about a sadness or pain that can never be healed? How many stories speak of a desire for something great that can never be? How many paintings show people going about life, with nothing, no meaning in their lives? All this is seen and done with "soul"

Non-fiction tells what you've convinced yourself of or what you've heard or learned. Infomation needs no soul to write clearly. Like still life, information can be "painted" and the authors pains and hopes and dreams are not seen.

There is no threat in writing non-fiction. No threat in still-life. No one can see into your soul, all they see is the object you saw, or the information you know. what they don't know is that the artists who painted apples actually hates apples, but buys and paints them becuase it is what people want to see. Or how the mathamatition who is an athiest is constantly looking to his math to understand why he exists and hopes that one day, he will find truth in his work, and be truly happy.

That is why asimov can have almost chirstian things in his ficiton. he is writing with the "soul" part of himself, not the intelegentce part.

I really need to write an esay to explain this better... (ha! this IS an essay!)(but it needs to be better explained and re-worded a lot)

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