Time's Curse

†††† There are so many "what if's" in this world, so many "maybeís" or "shouldís". The world is so diverse, so changing that nothing stays the same. "What if's" fly into the past, "maybe's" change to "neverís" and the "should's" fade into lost memories.

†††† There is so much to do, see, feel, and hear, but very little time. Each second, time eats away at everything we know. It eats the delights of yesterday in order to make way for the beauty of tomorrow. But tomorrow: tomorrow more will die, flowers wilt, and the hearts of people cry out. Everything is all forgotten. Time itself if forgotten.

†††† To children, time moves slowly: wearily creeping along. But the youth want to grow up, they want to drive and have a family and be adult. . So they beg time "take me faster, faster, faster, FASTER!" And when time does take them faster, they are completely grown: adults remembering when they had no responsibility, no pain, and no worry. They remember what it felt like to climb to the top of the highest tree with no fear of heigth, and how sweet, perfect, and magical yellow is, when a dandylion is growing from the sidewalk.

†††† The old can see snow, and remember when that cold-white powder-from-the-sky was a miracle plaything; a lasting fun. Youth seems so close inside the soul, and they wish the could go back, re-live the moments that were lost. They see smile wrinkles denting their once smooth face. They see their own children, who were once tiny babies, grown, married, and happy. When they look at their hands, they see death approaching to quickly, and beg time to take them, slower, slower, s..l..o..w..e..r" But it is too late, and time goes whizzing by, leaving only a smudged and blurred memory of a beautiful life.

†††† We-- all people who have ever lived, were never meant to die, to be so caught up in the undertow of time. We were originally created to last, to love, to flow smoothly with time forever, not struggling against its current like a drowning dog. Time is cruel, and seems to catch all who are thrown into it.

†††† But there is life. A life brighter, stronger, more powerful than time. Who was king of heaven before there was time? Who created all the beauty of life? He is the only truth, the only escape, freedom. He, the creator of all, conquered death and lived. Death has no more power over his children. He died, but he stopped the evil river of time, and lives. Death can take your body, but no longer can it take the souls of Godís children.

†††† There are so many thoughts, so many ideas, so many "maybeís" and what "if's". What if we could understand time? Maybe someday we will, and then all those "maybeís" and "what ifís" will be something.

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