"Erin, I don't get it," a young, brown-haired girl complained. "What do you mean socks?"

Erin rolled her head, making her blond, shoulder-length hair move in place like a dog's tail. Her neatly combed ponytail would soon look worse than a pile of hay in a barn if she kept laughing. Tiny wisps of hair fell from the blue rubber band holding the ponytail in place, each strand falling over her red ears and whipping across her soft peach face.

"Hahaa gaahaa aaahhh," Erin laughed. Someone standing nearby with their eyes closed might think her laughter sounded like a combination hyena and donkey.

Erin's small, rounded nose twitched and wrinkled as a snort escaped from its depths. She tossed her oval-shaped head back and fourth. Her mouth hung open, letting the world see her ivory teeth like a mad horse. Erin's strong eight-year-old legs were covered in dark blue pants, but they didn't stop her from dancing like the wind, moving and flowing like a ballerina in a dream.

The eight-years-old's long arms hung by her side. She lifted them to cover her laughing mouth and then balance her spinning across the grass. Erin's white t-shirt was not tucked in, and the old cloth wrinkled and unwrinkled so many times it looked as if it were alive.

"Ahhhh haahaa!" Erin laughed, pausing only to catch a breath of warm air. Her usually peach cheeks were red with excitement and delight. Erin's lightly colored eyebrows rose and fell with her giggles like waves on a small pond. Her clear blue eyes twinkled and blinked like stars in the darkness.

"I don't get it!" the younger brown-haired girl raised her arms with her voice, clearly confused.

"Gaaaa aaaah haaaaa!" Erin laughed harder. She doubled over in laughter, hardly able to stand, but her laughs kept coming. Tears pressed themselves out her eyes. Her eyelids blinked, making her long, black eyelashes catch the watery tears.

In circles she spun, revolving and swirling, until her bare foot hit a tuft of grass. Erin fell to the floor like a leaf falling off a tree. Her breath was fast and her lips were almost cracked from laughing so hard. She rolled to her side and kicked her long legs like a bug on its back. Her blond hair looked like she hadn't brushed it in months as the grass took hold of it.

"Haaaa," her laugh came out, soft and high-pitched. Erin rolled into the sun. The sunlight bounced on her face like a spotlight. Erin's peach face glowed for an instant before she rolled away from the blinding light.

Erin's laughter gradually became softer, almost as if it was fading into the distance. Erin lay on the floor, panting, her small chest rising and falling. She closed her blue eyes, hiding their twinkling from sight. Her pink lips smiled and quivered; she was still fighting the laugh attack.

After what seemed like a long while, Erin stopped laughing and finnaly explained the joke to her friend.

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