Critical Intro to O.T.

Sept 1, 1999


Exodus is the second part of the Pentateuch. It continues the

story in Genesis. Moses is the traditional author for this book.

Exodus is one of the few books in the Old Testament, if not the

only one that includes both narrative and law.

Exodus has three main sections. The first one is; "God saves

Israel from Egypt. The second one is;" God gives Israel his law".

The third part is; "God commands Israel to build the Tabernacle".

Each part tells how God took care of his people in different


The first part of the book (with Moses), is probably a child's

favorite part. It is full of action and miracles. Moses is a hero

and God saves the people from slavery and death. Unfortunately,

other parts of the book are not as well known to the commoner as

that first narrative.

The intention for the book of Exodus was probably to tell its

readers what amazing and wonderful things God had done for his

people. The law was the covenant God made with his people. God

did not destroy the Israelites when they broke the covenant, but

had grace and mercy on them.

It is in the book of Exodus that the tabernacle is built. This

moveable Tabernacle showed God's people that he was with them at

all times. The Tabernacle is only one of the things that relate

Renaud, 2

to Jesus in the New Testament. We no longer need a temple, the

Holy Spirit is with us.

Exodus is a book full of power and grace. It shows God's

character and his plan for salvation. It gives a picture of

things to come and things that were.

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