Critical Intro to O.T.

Sept 9, 1999


Deuteronomy comes from a Greek word meaning "repetition of

the law" The book is very long and without the proper

information to understanding, very dull. But, dull does not

mean useless or unreadable; the book contains the record of

Moses' speeches made shortly before his death.

The book, with all its details and all the laws, could be

some sort of covenant renewal ceremony. Israel is once

again affirming that they

will be loyal to God, that they will be his nation.

The book prepared the people for life without Moses, and

for the wars that they would be fighting in the Promised

Land. Some parts of the book give methods of governing the

land. It includes priests, Levites and

even kinds and prophets.

Many people do not believe that Moses wrote Deuteronomy. It

is said that it was actually Josiah who wrote the book and

then his it in the temple to be found. Each century has

there own theory on who wrote the book of Deuteronomy. No

one wants to believe that Moses or Joshua wrote it. Each

time someone comes up with a new theory, the date to the

book is put later and later into history, making the book

false and a fake document.

More than any other book Deuteronomy prepared the people of

Israel for to fight and live in the Promised Land. Whether

Renaud, 2

Moses wrote the book or not, Deuteronomy helps people

understand covenants and the way the people received the


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