Something About Cows

Crane didn't look at the hudge cracks in the dry ground or stop to wonder why the sun seemed to be getting dimmer. He just held his butterfly net tightly in his hands, his eyes closed, his face hot with excitment and heat. Butterflies, he thought. Wings coloured like rainbows and softer than...

"Hey kid," a voice yelled, "watch where you're going!"

Crane jumped, his eyes opening to see a tree trunk, not ten centameters away. "Oh! thanks." he yelped indistinctly at whoever had yelled at him.

A cool breeze blew grey dust into his face, cooling the air like a giant aircondictionar. The wind blew, and with it, came the butterflies. Butterflies like no one had ever seen. Butterflies with wings the colour of dairy cows and newspapers. Black swirled with white, wrippling as their fragile wings flapped, all creating a cool breazze. Crane stared, his moth open in wonder and amazement. The butterflues swarmed around him, circling him in endless curiosity. Crane seemed to be in a room of his own, a room made with butterflies wings.

He sat down, looking up into the tunnel they were creating above his head. It was like looking out from the eye of a tornnato. The butterflies began to close in on him , closer and closer they came, surrouding him. Flapping their wings on his face, grabbing on to his clothse. He opened his mouth to let out a scream, but butterflies swarmed into his mouth. He coughed, unable to think or move.

He heard a noise, long and low, like a cow's moo. Moooo, it went again, like a soft horn in the distance. Moooo, came the voice louder and louder. The butterflies began to fly away, flapping their wings away from him. Many butterflies fell to the ground, dead, others flew away in to the distance, escaping from death. Crane lay in the dirt, breathing in the fresh air, air without butterflies. He opened his eyes. All around him was that black and white. He sat up, wanting to cry out and run, but a voice stopped him.

"Stay where you are."

Crane blinked and turned his head. Moo! He turned a circle, seeing the circle was a group of cows.

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