Christianity Vs. Religion

All the religions teach you are saved by works.

Christianity teaches saved by grace, through faith shown by works. Christianity teaches that one is saved by the grace of God through Jesus' blood, and the only reason you do good is because you want to, not because you are bound by law.

All the religions in the world (except true Christianity) have a major doctrine in common. This is: salvation by works. Basically, in all religions, one must do good things to be saved. The more you do, the better chance you have of reaching heaven. The problem with this doctrine is that no matter how good a person is, no matter how many times they obey the law, pray all day, give to the poor, or fast, abstain from pork, etc., there will be a time when that person breaks the law, when human nature prevails and the individual cannot resist temptation.

As soon as the mistake is made, there is nothing, not a million good deeds in the world they can do to erase their guilt from God's eyes. That one tiny sin cancels out all the good things that person has even done, and will ever do. They can never do enough good to erase the mistake. They can try until their minds are dull and their hands blistered, but it will not change a single thing. Once there is a mark, it can't be erased with good deeds.

So, they work hard, and devotedly; going on mission trips, giving themselves up to their enemies, doing anything anyone asks of them, trying to do enough good so that God will forget their mistakes. In essence they are hoping to bribe God to get into heaven.

These people can never be sure God will let them into heaven or not. They constantly have to worry, constantly have to press their aching bodies to do even more, and scrape their minds into oblivion to make God happy enough to forget their sins. Unfortunately, this doesn't work.

Christianity, on the other hand, teaches freedom. True Christianity teaches salvation through grace. It is Jesus God's one and only Son who saved all people who will believe that his death cancelled out sin. He who was perfect, he who never made a single mistake dies and took the punishment we deserved for our many sins. Because Jesus was perfect, he rose from the dead and lives, and it is his death and resurrection that saves us. It is God's gift to all who believe.

The law is written on a Christian's heart and soul by the Holy Spirit, so that they know when something is wrong, and they know when it's right. The Holy Spirit leads Christians to do what is right without worry and the pain of not knowing if it will be enough. They do good, not because they have to, but because the Holy Spirit inside them leads them, and they want to help others. Their hearts that were once marked by mistakes and stained with sin have been cleansed and made perfect by Jesus' red blood.

So be free! Stop trying to do enough, and be who God created you to be. He wants you to know and see and hear. Jesus paid for all the sin and mistakes everyone ever made and will ever make.

spelling corrected by L.T.

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