I Cannot Eat This Broccoli---

Glynnis Campbell

I cannot eat this broccoli--
I have a wobbly tooth--
and eating it would only make my tooth even more looth.

I cannot eat these peas or corn--
I have no teeth to chew them;
I have to keep the few I have--
I can't afford to loothe them.

I cannot eat these brussel sprouts,
I'm very sad to say--
I cannot eat the pickled beets--
or summer squash soufflé.

I cannot eat the carrots
or the turnips or tomatoes.
I cannot eat the limabeans.
I cannot eat potatoes.

What's that you say?
Peach pie you say?
Peach pie if I can finish?
Well.......maybe if I'm careful
I could try a little spinach.

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