People Assumptions

With most kids I can completly relax and be myself, becuase they don't judge or expect anything from anyone except kindness. They don't worry about tomarrow. They will ask questions freely, without hezitaions, and answer as certinly as they ask. Children can dream dreams, and dig to china, and fly to the stars in the blink or an eye. If, when a child closes their eyes, they see colours and beauty, why do adults only see blackness?

Most adults assume, they judge, they have expectaions, they do worry about tommarow (becuase they have to). They have seen with their eyes that some things are usually true, and so they automaticly assmue them. Not to make assumptionms is nearly immpossible for some people, and it's not necessarily bad either. It is good to expect an adult to have manners and respect for the leader. It is good to to expect an adult to be able to express themselves.

Many expectaions are made by the surrounding culture. In the Western Culture, it is expected that adults will use a fork or spoon to eat eggs with, but in many asian countrys, it is expected that you eat your egg with your fingers, and in some euopean countries, it is expect that you peel and eat an orange with a knife and fork!

There is no escape from assumptions, but sometimes they can be stronger then they should be. Often in a sunday school class, it is assumed that if you are a cirtain age, then you understand this, or have done that, or don't understand whatever. But what if it's not true? What if you have never done that, or don't know--or what if you know it all to well? What if you don't fit so snugly into the box carved for you?

Everyone, adults, children, everyone, should be free. Free to see and think, to fly with their eyes closed reguardles of their culture.

So many adults expect other adults to "act like an adult". That is to be serious and go to work and walk and talk, but never skip and sing. So many adults think that they can't go down a slide or jump in a puddle just becuase they are an "adult" and doing thoses things are "childish".

But what is it that seperates childish actions from adult actions? The answer is simple. Children act only becuase they feel like if or becuase they don't know better. Adults on the other hand, do know. It dosen't matter if the choice is made with the heart of the mind, both can be equally unreliable. They can think for themselves, and see the concequences. They understand the third law of thermodymanics which says "For evey actiuon, there is an equal and oposite reaction". They understand that there are concequences for theit acitons, and should therefore make better decisions with their minds sould and hearts.

But this is a world where sin exists, and nothing will ever be perfect, so children will murder in their minds instead of fly, and adults will react without thinking, or purposily act evil reguardless of the concequences. Joy will be lost into the oblivion of worry, and the world will continue as it always has-- the only freedome laying in Jesus Christ who died once and for all to set people free.

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