Welcome to my realm.
At the moment it is but a small realm, with few inhabitants. A newborn place almost apart from time and space; a beginning without an ending, or a child without a destiny.

It begins with a small courtyard, a lawn of pure green grass that stretches forth several dozen yards until it is contained by a white and grey stone wall. A small amount of space, yes, but to a child a small area can hold seemingly infinite possibilities. In its center is a well, in whom the waters of the depths of this earth have just begun to flow. Primeval yet eternal they flow in cycle, and you may gaze down at them and seek your own reflection.

As of yet that and the wall are its only structures, but as time forms shape you may find more, and I can only hope that it shall pique your curiosity. Who am I to say that you shall enjoy the reading of a book that is not yet written...

Now, as you gaze at the wall, you notice a bronze gate that seems to lead elsewhere, into a forest.

A strange forest, misted and hazy, yumemita shiin; like something out of a dream. A place where the subconscious can be free and speak as it will... you notice a few scraps of paper near the tree. As you bend to pick them up, you notice that each as a title... they seem to be poetry. You see deeper into the forest and decide that you may wish to enter a little further to find what lives within. A cool almost etherial breeze seems to beckon you further, and the glimpses of sunlight shining through the canopy reassure you that light still dwells here, so that it is a place of both light and laughter and darkness and mystery. Your may consider entering deeper within the forest...(My Writings)

Further into the forest there is a small clearing into which the sun shines, and now there is a barely discernable path leading forwards through the clearing. It seems that someone or some people has or have been here before. To the right of the path stands a rocky cave that opens above the earth and descends downwards into the earth; candles glow within illuminating the earthy mouth and flickering almost gaily in the gentle breeze. Your view of the rest of the cave is blocked and you must enter further within to find what is inside...

Inside the cave are many pages, with one laying on a desk... deciding that perhaps the others aren't yet ready to be read yet, you may read the one on the desk...(non-fiction essay was here)

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