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10 Years of Misspellings!
Old entries can look dull, monotonous, and almost incomprehensible-- but please remember that my Curent Event's Page first started when everyone had dial-up connections, text-art seemed bright and fun mixed between endless lines of text, 16 color pictures took about 3.5 minutes to load (if your connection stayed on), and spell check only existed in your word processor. . . So read with imagination and have fun!
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Here is my entire collection of misspellings just as they were written. Have fun reading my crazy illustrated memories.

2012 (Gideon born)
2011 (short)
2010 (New Blog style format)
2009 (Talia born)
2008 (NH)
2007 (South Korea)
2006 (GA, Galahad born)
2005 (NH)
2004 (NH)
2003 (wedding album)
2002 (NH, 1st digital camera)
2001 (KS)
2000 (trip tp Philipines)

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