Curent Events 2011

November 29, 2011
It seems that even blogs are slowly disappearing as the new, faster, easier method of posting images and thoughts becomes popular. Social networks have sprung up out of nothing and make everything a bit too easy. Their primary result (naturally) is getting people to waste even more time online with silly postings and games.

So, as the social networks arise, I too am caught neglecting my old blog and posting pictures with extremely short descriptions on Facebook. It seems I have forgotten how much time and thought go into my type of newsletter/blog. I will however continue to update it (or try), even if I do end up months behind.

June 30, 2011

Yesterday while we were sitting in the grass, I found two four leaf clovers. I have never found even one four leaf clover before so I picked the two (growing from the same plant) and took a picture. To me this was really an amazing thing.

For memorial day our church had a fun fair in their parking lot. Our son learned how to play miniature golf, with his father. After the golfing, the children went back to their favorite place -- the bounce house.

Another day I took the children to a State park beach nearby. I parked in the wrong place, so we walked along the rocky shore trying to find the sand beach without success. Fortunately the children enjoyed hiking and playing with the smooth gravel.

Our son Galahad had a nice rainbow cake again for his birthday and rainbow cupcakes for his "school friends" party. For presents he got a marble race, some toy car things and a run neon glowing art thing that is really neat to play with.

May 31, 2011

The grass is now green, and we don't need sweaters to play chalk outside--it is finally spring! A few days were even warm enough to set up the little baby pool outside the window and let the children splash for a while. On a cooler day, we put up a new spring picture on the door with the "cookie jar" on it . (The children call the TARDIS "cookie jar" because we have a TARDIS cookie jar my sister gave me last year)

Recently, I discovered the local ceramic shop has an upstairs where they have a potters wheel and clay. It is more interesting to paint something I make myself, so I made a fun looking ridged mug just like one I made in college and painted it the same bright rainbow colors. It looks great. I also painted a flower mug and put some flowers in it to look pretty. Thinking of flowers, I got a few flowers for mothers day this year. I didn't have a vase, so I put them into an old sippy cup. (Perfect for mother's day)

For my birthday I got a rose decorated tasty chocolate cake. It was exactly what I wanted for my cake, so I was happy looking at it and eating it. Here is a picture of our family. For presents I got a purple shirt, some Dr. Who DVD's, and a fun TARDIS mug that changes with hot water. It is very fun to use, so it is now my favorite mug for tea. I also used my birthday money to buy a tote-cycle just like one I had before I was married. My father changed the tires for me and I rode it around the street.

Near the end of the month we decided to go look for a house to live in. We looked at many houses and liked one that is 1.5 miles from my husband's work. It is in town, (one mile from a walmart and grocery store) but down a back road so it seems to be in the country. The yard is all overgrown and the house needs a lot of work, but it seems like a relaxing place.

April 30, 2011

April is full of rainy and sunny days, so When it was raining we colored and made fun projects like trace and color children onto paper. And when it was sunny we played chalk or pull sister in wagon outside and looked at the flowers just starting to bloom out of the brownish ground.

We dyed a lot of eggs this Easter, and ate them every week in April. For some reason the children love to eat boiled eggs when they are colored. I guess it somehow adds appeal. The night before Easter we drew with markers on eggs for out Easter baskets. Out son painted a green rabbit that looked cute above the table. After I took all the chocolate and put it into bags, our daughter played with the baskets and shredded paper, making a mess I call "Easter aftermath" on the kitchen floor.

At the local mall I discovered an Ecuador Otovalo shop where the seller really is a man from Otoval. He doesn't speak much English, so I spoke Spanish to him. Then I bought a very cute Ecuador sweater for our daughter. It is fun to see Ecuador things in shops in the States.

My husband was finally offered a permanent job position. So, to celebrate this, my husband built a fun new computer. He ordered all the parts online and took all day putting it together. Our son had fun watching and painting with food coloring in the same room.

March 31, 2011

One day, I looked in the closet and found another fun rug-hook pillow to make. This one is a silly frog design which came out looking very cute as a pillow.

Our son has been drawing Kirby's everywhere! He colored as many as could fit onto his wall and still wanted to draw more. He likes the character because Kirby can inhale his enemies, thereby copying the enemy's abilities. The copied abilities appear as various hats on Kirby. Kirby can also be different colors depending on what powers he is copying. Mostly my son likes the smash brothers Kirby, but we have also watched a few episodes of Kirby of the Stars anime in Japanese, which is also fun. Here is a Link Kirby.

The snow is finally starting to melt! One day was warm enough to go outside and color the well with chalk, and another day we went to the park where the children played on the slide and ran around happily. While in the park, I noticed mouse trails under melted snowbanks that explains where field mice live in the winter.

Febuary, 28 2011

For Valentines day, Our son gave little play-dough to his school friends, my husband gave me a nice heart box of chocolates, which was exactly what I wanted. The local store gave both children valentines day balloons at checkout, which was very fun!

Another fun thing is the ebook reader my husband just got for his birthday/Christmas present. It is really fun. he reads books on it all the time and can take it with him easily. it holds many books, and there are a lot of free public domain books to download for it.

Our daughter is now 18 months old and can say shoe, up, milk, juice, boot, baby, ball, me, and a few other words. Since she liked to say hat so much, I tried to make a fun princess hat for her using cardboard and yarn. The hat looks great, but it ended up being much to heavy for a hat, so it's more of a fun thing to look at.

Recently, I've been writing and illustrating a fan fiction Mario and Luigi story for our son to read at night. it is the regular, Bowser took the Princess and now Mario and Luigi have to go rescue her. I used drawn and clip-art pictures for the store, mostly from paper Mario. You can see the finished story below.

Mario & Luigi Story
January 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

The first week or so of January we had the first real snowstorm this winter. The snow fell all night and was deep enough that the schools were all closed. I took the children outside to play. Our son enjoyed playing in the snow, sledding, and snow angels, but our daughter had a hard time walking in the deep snow and with so many layers of clothes on, so she just sat, watched her brother and pushed the snow around.

My husband's birthday was at the beginning of the month. He got some useful presents and also an kindle to read books on.

Recently I've been watching a BBC fantasy show called Merlin. It is really strange because the show has characters named like in the legends, but the stories and characteristics of the characters are so vaguely related to anything in authorian, it would have been better if they had called the show Gregory instead and had the show about a magician named greg.. or how about harry? Anyway, in general it is interesting, but can be extremely frustrating if you value authorian legend at all.

I finally decided to work on one of my rug-hooks that I had given to me a while ago. This one is a cute dog rug-hook which i thought would look very nice as a small couch pillow. Here I pose with our new dog pillow.

Thinking of crafts, out son's 'make your own plate' finally came in the mail. He got the make a plate kit as a gift. Basicly you color the circle worksheet they give you and send it to their factory where they print it into a plastic plate and send it to you. Our son made fun pizza plate.

My sister visited and helped me make an origami TARDIS from many pieces of paper made into cubes. I printed a general design on each paper so that when they were put together, the cubes would look right. In the end it took longer than I thought it would and I had to figure out how to make the roof look right. I think it came out pretty good.