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Dec 30, 2005

Ever since I got my car, the headlights went out randomly. The trick to temporarily fixing them was to push a wire back into a socket surrouneded my electrical tape. This seemed to work, until one day I noticed the wires smoking and sparking slightly, so I desided it was time to get them fixed. The socket that plugged into the back of the light was completely melted. It's no wonder if wasn't working at all anymore! It seems that even one of my bulbs was partially burned inside. Now of course it is fixed so I don't have to figure out where the edge of the road is anymore-becuase now i can see where the road is.

The first big snowstorm came and twent, leaving me to shovel more than a foot of heavy snow. It took me so long just to shovel the half of the driveway that was necessary to clear in order to getmy car out, so that wheni finished, the sun was setting, making a very nice snowy sunset for me to watch while I rested.

I got a balsam fir pouch from the boy scouts that sell stuff at the library every now and then. It smells really nice because the needles inside are very fresh, so fresh they are even slightly damp.

I decorated my little Christmas tree in grandma's living room using red strips of cloth on the branches, and grandma's german manger scene around the base. Last year I used clay and paint to re-furbish a very broken wizeman. My husband had more than 2 weeks vacation from basic training to come and visit me for Christmas. It was great to be together. Sadly,after christmas, he must put his uniform back on and return to being tomented in basic training.

November 30, 2005

Before the really cold weather came in, my husband and I went for a walk out in the woods. It was there we found a little salamander also having a latefall walk. He was very small, but seemed content to sit on my husband's hand for a long time.

At the house where I'm staying, there is a birdfeeder hanging from one of the trees (pic took in summer). It is nice to sit and watch the birds come eat seed, and inthe case of the bluejays, fight over the seed.

Becuase my husband is away in the army this month, I got a military ID and I end up writting him a lot of letters. This letter i wrote with a flower pencil i made with a plastic flower and some florist's tape.

At church one day i made this doodle. Later, i scanned it, then made it whit eon black instead of black in on white paper, and then, lastly, i added the rainbow color so it would look like a layer/scratch drawing. And before you ask, the clouds are not suppose to look like popcorn! (unless you're hungry)

Something really odd about the town here, is that for some reaosn it seems to attract fog. Some days the fog is so thick i can hardly see where i'm going, but then as soon as i leave the town's center, there is no fog at all. And of course on the way back, it's a rather odd feeling, driving into a wall of fog.

I also made a puzzle or two and debated what to get my family for christmas.. wasabi peas or jellybabies?

October 30, 2005

For some reaosn fall in New Hampshire was late, making the trees unsure weather to change colors or not-- but most eventually ended up turning sortof orange/brown/gold as you can see behing my car. While wandering aimlessly around tryin to find a few nice looking trees, i nearly ran into some nicly hidden holly berries, so i desided to take pictures of them along with the sun on a lake that happened ot be nearby.

My husband joined the army to be a computer repair person, and of course this meant lots of changes. One of the biggest of course, being that we had to pack up everything for a move. Fourtunatly, i think we had enough boxes for everything except the funiture.

one of the last tings i took a picture of in our apartment was some tasty twix-brownies I made. I made them using a brownie mix that came with all the various bits like the caramel and little cookies. It woud be easy enough to make them wihtout the mix, but when one is moving, sometimes weird mixes are fun to try.

As a going-away-present for my husband, I got some strongbad DVD's. They are really funny for the most part, and I even got a little "free" keychain stop sign from "Strongbadia".

Sept 30, 2005

It seems that i dind't take may pictures this month, possibly becuase I took so many last month.

I made a paper icosahedron earth from a pdf file i found *online.It was hard to make, but it came out nice.. now the only quesiton is what do you do with an icosahedron earth modle?

For the first time in years, we had warm sunny weather for the Deirfeid fair--which was great. This year at the fair we saw the pig scramble, where wild people try to catch pigs. We also saw the circus, where "the Espa´┐Żolas" summersaulted and jumped from a weird snowboard-swing. Another couple did a neat trick with a motercycle on top of a structure.

A fancy black-and-white chicken posed and let me take her picture up close, but some of the other bigger chickens threatened to peck me if i got to close.

August 31, 2005

Near the begginin of the month, my mother, sister and brother visited for a few days. The day before they had to leave, all "us kids" went out to kankmangus, a very nice rivery place to swim in. I have so many pictures from that day, i'm having trouble figureing out which one's to put here.

At kankmangus, my husband used his towel for a hat and i used mine as a scarf. later eveyone played and my sister and I posed for pictures, but everyone without shoes was fourced to step carefully on the trail of sharp rocks. We played with a water pump, and took turns standing on some nice dry rocks for fun. On the way back, we stopped for icecream.

Just becuase it seemed interesting, i took a few weird pictures of a guardrail, and then the name of the guardrail conveintly located insde the end of the guardrail.

My mother and sister left for elsewhere while my brother stayed an extra few days, so my husband and I took him to the beach, where we say lots of birds sitting on roofs. While driving to visit my grandmother, we saw a brightly coloured cloud like i've never seen before. While he visited, my brother desided to cook everyone pasta for supper, and so to prove that he really did, i took a picture.

The next week my mother and sister we back for one day, so one that day we too them to the beach. The waves that day were great! My husband had a lot of fun, but like my sister, I just stood ankle deep.

Near the end of the month, my husband and i went for a walk nice walk around a nearby lake and I took pictures of some frogs before my husband tried catching them. Later on, for a challange, and becuase it looks kindof neat, i wove some popsicale sticks together.

July 30, 2005

On 4th of July, the city exploded some wonderful fireworks on a nearby bridge/park. My husband and i sat close to where they shot off, so we had a wonderful view. I brought my camera of course. and amazingly took an okay picture of the last finally.

In a state park that isn't too far the place I work, my uncle and aunt are working this summer as museum tour guides in a small snowmobil museum. The day was cool so my husband and i walked to a lake where you can rent a canoe, paddles, and life jacketsfor $5.00 per hour. My husband and i had fun in the canoe, even though when we first got in, we went in zig-zag line as we tried to remember how exactly to stear a conoe. In the end we figured it out, but that didn't have anyhting to do with the with the very nice turtle who came and visited our canoe.

Near the end of the month, I make an orgami display with both invioments and orgami modles for the library entry way. I made 3 long boards and 4 small boards full of orgami to fill the entire display case. Oddly, the library only has 3 orgami books, (seen in "display" picture) not that it mattered to me -- i just used my "orgmai calandar*" to get ideas. I made various displays, including cats, fish, birds, and a town. There is one for flowers and a dog too, but i don't have pictures of those.

My grandmother planted some little bulbs in her front yard, and after months of waiting they finnaly grew and are now covered with bright pinkish flowers that looked so nice i just had to take a picture.

June 30, 2005

A few weeks ago we got the "Lego's Star Wars" game, which is really fun. It's also 2 player! I've already passed the entire game, but it is still fun going back and "freeplaying" the levels which means i can "be" any character i want. So i can be Yoda fighting Darth Mawl or even a droidikar. It's really fun. The only level i don't like much is the pod-race. it's nearly imposible to get "Jedi stadus" (full coins)!

Thinking of star wars, The other day i noticed some dark chcoclate star wars m&ms. They are hard to resist becuase I like star wars and i really like dark chocolate, so i ended up trying some. The package was fun to look at and the m&m's were all "Jedi colors".

As we walked from the car to the beach one nice day, we found a very nice , butterfly on the sidewalk, so we rescured him and put him in a nice grassy area. Hmm......Thinking of butterflies, I took pictures of a tiny butterfly and a ,dragonfly in a feild with clovers behind my grandmother's house.

Summer is here again, and with it the frogs... As my grandmother says, "boys like to catch frogs"--but sometimes i think she just means that my husband likes to catch frogs but is always very gentle with them. Analyzing this froggy picture, i'm still not sure what the frog thinks about being caught.

Recently I've been practicing making an interesting font using different "doodle" techniques. To practice the letters, i think of names and "doddle' them as that's more fun that doodling the entire alphabet 20 times. some letters look better than others, but i'm still working on it.

My husband saves money by riding his bike to work. It seems really fun. One day he even rode home in a thunderstorm and thought it was great fun. I tried to take a picture of him one day but he was riding to fast and the pictures ended up being behind a tree.

May 31, 2005

It happened that I wanted to use up all the marshmello "Peepes"* i had laying around from easter. (last year i chocolate coated them) I wasn't sure what to do with them until i saw a fluff fudge recipi on the back of a marshmellow fluff jar. I thought, well, if you can make it with fluff--why not peepes? So i folowed the recipi, and sure enough, I ended with a house full of peep-fudge instead of a house full of peepes.

This year I had a fun birthday and got some nice/interesting things along with some pizza and some cake of course- icecream cake to be exact. I got a chinese checkers game that i've been wanting for a long time--the kind that is on a metal round tin and has checkers on the back. I also got some facinating soap rocks created by T.S.Pink. They look like semi-presious stones and like quartz crystals.

when the first sunny day in a week came, i sat on my hammock staring into the sky and started taking pictures of clouds. After a while, i deisded it might be fun to take pictures of other things i could see on the balcony...such as my feet and then my husband's feet. Oddly, I think one picture came out very nicly. I would call it "holding feet"

Because's I'm in New Hampshire, and the state flower is lilac, and becuase i happen to like lilacs, i clipped a few off a nearby lilac bush and brought them home.

Mu husband's job wouldn't let him keep his beard, but they would let him have a go-Te. I'm not sure why that is, but it seems ot be some sort of trend in businesses. Just for fun, i took a picture of him with his "new" go-tee. I think he lookes great, though i do miss his full beard a little.

I saw Star Wars in the theatre on the day of the 19th and got a free Star Warscomic book just for being at the right place at the right time! The movie was sad, but had some very nice duels and space battles.

April 30, 2005

I tyed dyed a shirt for my husband using bleach and water. I started with a dark bule shirt and tied in the usuall tye-dye way. Then i put it into a bucket of bleach water for about half an hour. When i took the shirt out it looked really neat. Kindof blue and purple where bleach touched.

I found that the balcony outsideout apartment is the perfect place to hang the hammock i got in Ecuador--except when there are close on the line of course.

On the 19th I went wiht my grandmother to a store that sells the junk and "returns" form other stores really cheeply. For some reaosn i kept comming back to theses strawberry mugs. In the end of course I ended up buying them. They look neat and have a nice kindof bumby-smooth feel to them when touched.

I've started watching episodes from a weird show called "The Adventures of Pete and Pete"*. It's really funny. My husband said he used to watch it when it first came out (brodcased from 1993-1996). Basicly there are two brothers with the same name. The younger Pete is almost an evil-genious-in-training. here is a bit of the short "Stare Master".

The last Saterday of the month my husband and I went to a wedding. I helped with the sound. basicly by pressing "play" when the music was supposed to play. After the wedding many many pictures were taken near a lake, in a gazebo in the rain. There was a lunch after and i ended up like "The Prizoner" (a 1960's british tv show*): as a number 6.

my husband was a groomsman in sneakers. He forgot to bring black shoes instead of his regular sneekers. I think noone really cared or mined as one of the other groomsman wore alegator boots. People proalby thought it was planned for the grooms men to wear various shoes.

The way to really know spring is here to to look not just for flowering trees but for ants. Once they start making feilds of ant hills and preparing for the summer ant war it has to be spring. I saw a whole feild of anthills yesterday. I snuck into their any feild base and took an anthill servalance picture to show to anyone who doubts the truth.

Google has put up pictures for library week, leanardo divinchi's birthday, and earthday. i also found a site that shows all of google's past "celebration" logos*.

March 31, 2005

March is that month between winter and spring that seems to take a long time to get through. Really that's a vauge way of saying that i didn't take many pictures this time. but while i was using my computer, i noticed google had a water day, and a van gogh day which were both very interesting.

Recently I got this nice CD labling program and some sticker lables to print on last week. I labled all my mp3 cd's and my photo cd's. Playing with images and making lables is so fun that I printed about 25 lables in just a few days! I took a picture of the first few lables i made. Of course they arn't the Best one's as the longer i made lables, the better I got at it. Here was a later design.

For easter, I got some cadbury eggs, some hair things, some assorted chocolates and some bubble bath. Here is just a general picture of my easter candy. I really like thoses cadbury choclate eggs with the soft almost liquid inside. I used to buy boxes of them and save them until july and eat them throuout the year slowly. But since my husband nicly heeps me will a stocked box of chocolates all the time, i don't need to do that anymore.

My grandmother gave we a waffel maker. I'm not sure how much I'll use it as I don't eat breckfast often. I did have a lot of fun tryin to use it without the batter bubbling out a bit when it cooked. I made exactly 5 waffles and a bit of mess onthe counter, but it was fun and they tasted really good with real maple suryp on them! I took a picture of the last waffel for really no reason at all then to prove I can make waffles..

I checked out "Spiderman 2" from the library and watched it several times. I like some of the scens where spiderman and doc ock fight and fall. The bank scean is proalby my favorite. Anyway, this was a short bit of a song from the end of the credits.

Febuary 28, 2005

Febuary is a month of snow and more snow. One day the snow flakes were enormous. It almost looked like white manna falling. I rushed outside and atempted to take a picture, but my small camera just wasn't made for taking pictures of snow so you just have to imagin the white things are snowflakes and not weird white blursy streaks.

I took pictures of the snow plow truck while driving though a different febuary snowstorm. Taking pictures and driving simotaniously isn't the easyist thing to do. I do not recomended even trying unless you're going slower than 20 miles per hour. (which is about the speeds theses trucks stay at)

Although you'd think freezers would work fine in winter, ours did not. I could have done a better job making ice-cubes if i put them outside! So one day my husband got tired of finding liquid slush instead of icecream and called the landlord. Within an hour a repair man came, saw that the freezer wans't even cold, prononced our refergerator "dead" and gave us the new refergerator they were going to put in a vacant apartment down the hall. So now things actually freeze inthe frezzer. Icecream for all! Hurray!

For Valentines day I got a stuffed turtle (yes it is a beany-baby, but it's very nice), and a bamboo plant. Bamboo is actually a tree, but the one i got is more of a houseplant size. The interesintg thing is that they can grow with just marbles in a vase of water (with some fertalizer in it). Basicly they just need water and something to hold them up. Here is a picture of my gifts combined.

Since the freezer works now, I gave my husband a big vat of vanilla iceream and many candybars and toppings to crush into the icream so he can make whatever flavor he likes. He espicily liked the recees peanutbutter cups and receses peices. He ate those up even before i could get a picture.

I also got some bath water coloring tablets/tints. There are the three primary colors and they can be mixed to make any color. The nice thing is that they don't stain the skin or towels or even the tub. It is really very fun taking colored baths. When bubbles are added to a green bath, it almost looks like sea water.

The pictures I take my accedent are often the pictures that are the most interesting. For example, take this pile of junk. I was actually trying to take a picture while standing on the arm of the coutch, and while i was making sure i was ballanced, I took a picture. This is "my corner" it's between the coutch and the window. It is sorof my art-junk-whatever pile. It makes an interesint picture, but seeing it keeps reminding me how i ought to clean it.

Jan 30, 2005

I took tiny "Ecuador beach" braids out of my hair and for a day it was super wavy and weird looking.

The thump stick cap on my husband's joystick came off and broke a while ago and for some really odd reason Logiteck dosen't sell this very simple plastic part. Basicly it's a hollow plastic knob/cap that fits onto the small mettle rod on the joystick. After much searching it turns out you can't buy this part anywhere! But I discovered that cannobolizing an old not-really-working Nintendo controler to fix new wingman controler works really well and looks great. I could proalby market the little things as i'm sure they are in demand.

I think some sand got into my camera becuase the zoom does not spring back to the "take picture possition automaticly. without it in that possition none of the buttons work. It isn't hard to push it back to normal, but i can't zoom precisly anymore without difficulty.

Yesterday we went to the museum of science* in boston and (as usuall) got lost in boston and couldn't find anywhere to park for less than 12 dollars! We finnaly did find a place to part in a mall parking lot which was 6 dollars. which is still a lot. But the science museum was fun and we saw a giant dinoasur and some math things that were fun. One really interesitng thing was the virtual volly-ball. Basicly two peopel stand in formt of a mettle wall and the game is projected as shadows on the screen on the wall across from the metal. The player's shadow's hit the ball.

Today I made squirl cookies for a Bible study i go to sometimes. Actually, they looked like squirls who were escping from prizon becuase they were striped. Then i piled a bunch of tasty things onto my scanner with the cookies made this tasty collage. it's amazing wht you can do with a scanner.

I started a live journal, It's getitng me back to the habbit or writitng everyday, and also back to typing about book's I've read.

i finnaly read the Spiderwick books. There are five east to read ilustrated books. Here's a sample page.

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