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December 2004

This christmas my husband and i went to Quito, Ecuador for christmas for a family reunion. We went from cold snowy weather to nice warm spring weather.

we flew, missed a flight,waited....flew again, and then when we got there we just sat and laughed becuase it was so fun to be in Ecuador and My sister was saying funny things.

the next day, we travled past the beautiful mountian Antisana to "Midad Del Mundo", the equator where there is a monument and museum. on the way back i took some pictures of an Ecuadorian lady with her baby asking for "Navidades" or "Christmas treats".

Christmas eve came almost before we knew it and my husband played clerinet and brother played cello in the church orchestra for two christmas eve services.

Right after christmas we travled to the beach, and my brother took this picture of our big family trying to put our stuff in a van. The beach we wne to is near Atacames, but not in it exactly. the climate was nice even if all ten of my fmaily members were living into a 2 bedroom condominuim.

Our apartment is the one with the white chairs onthe portch. The place was really nice. it was right onthe beach and it had lots of swimming poolsand hot tubs.

I can't go to the beach and not play with sand, it's almost as fun as waves. So naturally i had to partisipate with my husband in tryin to race the tide to make a sandcastle, or more of a sand fortress in this case.

Swimming in the ocean in the new baithing suit my grasndmother made was fun, espicily with my husband. to relax, i sat on a beach chair watching the waves crash into sand while my brother played dragon warrior with my husband.

It was fun at the beach, but we had to leave, and the next day we had to catch out plane back to the United States. We made it safly and even the meat cleaver we got for christmas made it though customs.

Merry Christmas!
Christmas Card

My 2004 wish List

November 30, 2004

My younger sister asked for a long scarf for christmas, and so i spend a week and some balls of yarn making a really long scarf while listing to the entended versions od Lord of the Rings, which by the way are difinatly worth seeing.

My husband had to work this year on thanksgiving, so we didn't do much that is diffenre tfomr any other day, which isn't bad. In the evening we did go over to his parent's house and eat some turky, which was very tasty.

The other there was a party for the last night my bible study group was meeting. Actually it was just the last lesson in the book we were following, and we all brought food. I made some little mouse cookies. basicly they are suger cookies shaped like mice with almond eats and a licorish tail. the eyes and nose are frosting. i let peoepl put on as much "hair" as they wanted on their mouse. it was fun we could miew and pretend to be cats and eat mice.

One day i desided ot birng some food to my husband while he was at work, and for some reason i felt like having some meat kabobs. I went ot the store and got all the ingredients, but i couldn't find any metle squewers, so i ended up buying wooden ones which wasn't the best idea. When cooking cabobs in the oven at high heat, woodedn squerts tend to burn and cause smoke. So that is exactly what happened, smoke was everywhere and the smoke detector in our aparement kept goign off until i opened all the doors and turned some fans on. Fourtunatly, the smoke from for wood flavored the kobos so that they tasted just as if I barbequed them on a smoky, coal-filled grill and not the oven at all.

October 30, 2004

The other day i found a very nice pet turddle pin at the store where i was working. i only had a few days left, as i left my sales job to go work at a local public library where the hours are regular and there are books everywhere--which is a very nice feeling.

yesterday my husband and i drove a short way and went for a walk in the woods around a nearby lake caled massabesic. i natrually brought my camera in hopes of finding something interesintg ot take pictures of. I did manage ot find a marvolously bright-red leaved tree to try to capture in the camera.

i've started going to a Bible study on thursday nights,and wanted to describe the slightly scary, very weird Jesus picture they have on the wall.. but alas! i found myslef unable to do so. so i took a picture of it just to make it easier to explsin exactly how weird this pictures is.

My husband went to a choir dress up party where everyone had to dress as a hymn title. I went and took a few pictures becuase it was very funny and interesting. Can you guess what hymn my husband is?

Last night my husband and I attempted to carve a pumpkin. First my husband prepared the pumpkin in the usuall way; cutting the top off and remiving seeds. Next I drew a picture f a cat and traced it on to the pumpkin. When we finnaly started to actualyl carve the pumpkn, we discovered neither of us really knew what we were doing, fourtunatly it's not too hard ot figure out, so the pumpkin came out mostly nice, and the cat looks mostly catish.

September 30, 2004

one day i was trying to scan some images wiht my scanner and for some reaosn it wasn't saving them. so i checked for a more detaile dinformaitn and this is what it said. Catostrophic failure! I've never heard an error so dire!

I have been looking for iron-on paper that i can print on for a while, and i finally found some for a really cheap price on ebay, so i bought a few sheets. I made one of my favorite drawings --one of the "man in the library" into a t-shirt, and i really like how it came out.

one day I made a 1/2 quito cxake and put some mardshmello fluff on top as frosting, it came out very trasty, and so i had a peice with a glass of milk while it was still warm.

work at the department store on wendsdays is sometimes very slow, nothign to do and no peopel wanting to look at anything. So i brought a design to colour and coloured a bit here and a bit there whenever there was absolutly nothign else to do. Last week i finally finished my colouring. i think it came out quite nice.

today a man came in to fix the drip we have had in our tub for a while. but when he went to unscrew something, the ther bits were so old that they blew off and the water came pounding out like the water form a fireman' hose. so he was tryin to stop the water form speaying the entire room with his handm, but then he yelled that a bucket would be better, so he went and turned off the main water hwile i stood with a bucket over the pouring water. the water got all over theplace, flooded the bathrom and the entryway. i mopped most of it up and thne when he returnd he mopped the rest up and after a few hours of finding the right parts, he fixed it.

August 31, 2004

Is is still summer or is it fall? I seem to keep thinking whether there will be fall weather or the summer weather, or whether it matters much. Just like this paragraph come ot think of it. I'm not sure wether or not it makes sence.

Anyway, I finally got a job. It's the kind of job that can sometimes be interesting but other times be very boring--but ten most jobs are like that. So now i work at a local department store in the jewlry department. What's funny is that I don't peticulary like jewlry much-- i mean rings and baubles are pretty and nice, but i would much prefer wearing some of the interesintg socks across form my booth than a shiny bit of metal.

We got tickets to ecuador for christmas! My grandmother got tickets to fly onthe same plane wiht us so that we could help her carry her suitcaes. Thinking of suitcases, she had me paint some pictures on her suitcases so she could tell which ones are hers when they slide down the rack inthe airport. so i found my paints and brushes and painted some simple pictures on them--or at least i think they are relaitivly simple.

I made a new crayon picture the other day. As usuall, it is similar but yet not similar to the other crayon pictures i have made.

My husband found a fun online game where you run around towns and create things useing material you find. For example, he desided ot becomes a smith so he has to mine iron and coal and then smith it together to make various things like axe's and armor. On the other hand, i'm learning how to make pies and's kindof strange, but when i told that to my sister she said that it sounds just like what i do anyway in real life--and she's about right. That being the case, i'm not sure why it is so enjoyable to play, but it is.

July 30. 2004

On the third of july we watched fireworks in manchester, under the bridge street bridge, and on the 4th of july we watched the fire works in derry with grandma, though there were tons of mosquitos, and one even got in front of my camera.

near the begining of july we went to the boston museum of fine arts. We were there four hours and only saw about half the museums exibits. Some of the greek and roman sculptures were very intersting. one of the nice thigns about this museum is that it only has one "modern" art room so most of the exhibits are worth seeing. one interesintg "light" exhibit was a pile of trash that looked like two boys sititng on a bench when a a light was on it. No pictures were alowed in that room.

i got a job working at a local jdepartment store in the mall. It's an ok job, though i have to stand most of the time. They don't have a "uniform" but all the workers have to wear clothes of certian coloures, usually black and white.

my uncle gave us his old printer. it makes lines on some pictures when i print, but overlal it's really great. I espicily like the scanner part of it as i enjoy playing with scanners a lot.

June 30, 2004

Recently I've been making a mission page for my parents (page has expired). I followed the color skeeme of their last prayercard.

It wasn't a very windy day, but we had just gotten a kite from a local kite store and wanted to try to fly it, so we went to the beach, a place where there is almost always enought wind to fly a delta type kite. Sure enough, even though we are amatures, our kite flew so high people were asking about it and how we got it to fly as no one else on the entire hamptom beach was able to get a kite up, so everyone thought we were professionals and asked for help with their kites. it was kindof funny. here i am holding the kite for a while.

Sometimes food travles like a roomer in the sence that when asked "where did you get that?" the answer is: "grandma's friend gave it to her friend who gave it to grandma who gave it to me"...which to say is how i got the rhubarb. I know very little asbout cooking rhubarb, but that doesn't mean i don't have ideas or that i'm not resourcful. Basicly I chopped up all the rubarb and cooked in a large pot, added some sugar and some rasberry drink mix to flavor it nicly. Then i strained the cooked rubarb and made some rubarb sauce that goes good on pancakes. to the the stuff that didn't make it though the strainer, i cooked at a low hear on a cookie sheet and made into into fruit leather, which tasted superb, but based on the fact that it took an half an hour to get it unstuck from the pan, i think i didn't quite do it right.

Kancamangus is an interesintg place to visit, espicly on a hot day when you don't mind slipping into ice cold mountian river water while trying to climb over big rocks and around (or through) waterfalls. For a good perspective on the general rock size I stood near a large bolder formation. To get there you have to drive along a long scenic rough through hills and tree with shineing clouds overhead. On the way back the car started to overheat, so we stopped at a bar for a cold drink--It was a Dairy bar, and the milkshakes were nice and cold.

Grandma's house is finished! Everyone's been asking what the house layout is, so i drew where all the rooms are and their sizes the best i could (the laundry room is the only one that is a quite a bit smaller than shown). i will be making a grandma's house page as soon as i can weed out the right pictures from the wrong ones. Side comment: Grandma found a copy of her weddng photo in a box of old photos and i was alle to make an ok printed larger print for her.(grandma's 19 in the photo)

Just becuase someone asked, for our first anaversary we went to a nice icecream shop and each had a one scop cone and then we walked a block to a chinese restruant where were shared an order of some tasty chicken.

May 31, 2004

For my birthday this year I got a really neet colouring book with patterns to colour it's a kind of colouring book where you can colour patterns, pictures, or shapes or whatever you can find withitn the pattern. i think everyone colours them differenlty. For example: I coloured a tree out of one, some fish in another, a lion, a face, a flowerish pattern, and a purplish random pattern.

I also got two iron frying pans that are Real iron, some maple sugar candy and an umbrulla.. i can't rememr what else.. here a picture of everthing except the pans. Before I forget, I added a poem to my writtings page called What Shall I.

it is fun taking my camera with me where ever I go, like to the beach--just like the other day when the sun was bright, the water blue, and the mysterious marsh land that tell peopel the're getitng close to the ocean were grassier than grandma's back yard. But the differnece is that in Grandma's yard, some wonderfuly tall and beautiful dandylions stand waiting to be eaten or looked at.

One day after a week of rain my husband and i took a walk in a feild. It was a short walk becuase there were mosquitos chasing us everywhere. but i did manage to take this picture. Later i wondered if that was a bird inthe top right of the picture.. but a i zoomed in and sharpened, i doscovered it was a lot closer than it looked. Can you guess what it is? The answer is the jpg's name. (right click the image and view properties)

April 30, 2004

Easter passed and as usuall church was packed, which was rather nice becuase my husband played his clerinet and new tennor saxaphone for one of the services. Later he made some brownies, but not for his saxaphone. One silly reason i like easter is becuase of cadburry eggs and marshmello bunnies. Actually, speaking of marshmellow bunnies, one day I expiermentally dipped "peepes" into cholcate. They were so good that i think i shall never be able to return to non-choclate coaded marshmello bunnies ever!

A flower i got on easter made a nice purple flower to show that it is april. April is one of thoses months between winter and spring where peopel clean and go out side and vacaiton at differnet times. So to follow that idea, we re-arranged our living room and went on a long drive to vivit my sister, brother-in-law and their baby Fiona who have their house on an island. What is odd about this island is that the island is in indiana!

The town/island in indiana is a very nice place, one which many birds such as ducks and storks like to congragate long enough to get their picture taken by a turist. and of course if one is a turist, miniture golfing in the dark is just what you want to do--either that or taking pictures in the dim lighting while pretending to play golf. Of course watching the baby try to eat golf clubs is fun too. One interesintg thing about indiana is that is has many silos and modified sirpinski gasket towers.

Every now and then while on a walk, near certian white birtch trees i have this odd idea that the trees have eyes. Peopel think it's a bit crazy, so I took a picture. If you notice, some of those tree knotts look quite distinctly like eyes.

Thinking about trees, my cousin gave me a "grow your own crystal tree". So i tried it, and i could watch the crystals form on the tree! The tree took only a little while to look interesting andovernight to finish, but inthe morning it was quite spetacular.

Interesting note: the lilac is the NH state flower. It also just happends to be is one of my favorite flowers to smell and look at.

March 31, 2004

I finnly got a new camera! Yippi! Now i can be a happy photographer again. I tested zoom on it and it's very nice. This orgami object is on the cealing very high up, and yet it looks close and it's so clear you can see the paper particales clearly.

the begining of march i thought it was still winter and school was even closed for the snow storm. But now It's been raining here so much that yesterday thre electrisity in our building went out all day! so i painted and drew a crayon picture that looks neet blured. so i scanned it onto the computer and blured it..

The rose plant I got for valentines day has it's first rose blooming in our house. It's a bright red colour and is very nice.

Febuary 29, 2004

Febuary had an extra day this year, so I'm using it to update my page and to create a sortof general quize and a mostly litrature quiz for you to see how much you know.

I found it very interesitng that desided to make their name into fractals on feb 3, groundhog day. I don't know what fractals have to do with groundhog day, but mabye someone does...

Last weekend jeremy and i went for a walk on lake masabesic. That's right--ON the lake. It is a hudge lake, and just as a note of interst to anyone, it is the watersouce for the city of Manchester, NH. Massabesic was frozen and peopel were riding 4-wheelers over it and otheres were ice fishing or tryin not to slip. We didn't run into anyone becuase the lake is big enough for evereone to have fun without bothering other peopel at all. In one place i thought i saw a wolf, but it tuned out to be someon's dog that looked just like a wolf when seen in the forest at a distance.

One saterday My hudsband and I went to a bible study party where we played balderdash until we were half asleep. Everyoen brought something and we brought the dessert; cheery icecream and tasty cookies i made.. everyonelike that. it was a rainy day today, so actually it wass prefect to stay inside and have a "party"

My car broke again. It overheated a bit one day, and I forgot to have it checked, so the next day i drove to school and my car really over heated and blew a headgasket, so i may be lokingto buy another car soon.

I am learnin how to knitt thick slippers the way one of my relitive does. It isn't very hard becuase it's just knitt-knitt-knitt.. with no pearls anywhere. Knittomg takes a long time and lots of pacience. i found the best way is to watch a movie and knitt at the same time and try hard not to become so intrested inthe movie that I make mistakes inthe knitting.

For valentines day my husband and i went for a walk behing grandna's house--yes! Grandna's new house is being built now! My husband bought me a small rose plant instead of cut roses. It may or may not survive the enviorment of out apartment.

Jan 31, 2004

Latly I've been busy swapping the archives site with my HTML site, updating and adding stuff to my HTML site and that, combined with a broken digitol camera means I haven't many pictures to put up this month.

I am teachign the HTML class again this quarter. I added a forlder called "print" with files to print. I suddnely realize one day that i had no lesosn on frames, so I made a very short tutorial on frames. Partly I made the frames file becuase one of the students i had last year is in my class and wants to learn "HTML 2". or somethign more thant what he learned in the first class.

I graded most if hy husband's French 1 tests yesterday becuase he's a procrastinator and i sortof like doing other peoep's homework.It proabably comes form that time when I was little and I would start by brother's homework and then he would get agitated slightly and do it himself. In this case, my husband graded one and then I graded the rest while he made pizza and asked me what to do. The pizza came out very tasty.

I am getting better at smash brothers, strangly, my favorit character to play so far is yoshi, but i think Link is proalby a lot easier to fight wiht, but Yoshi can jumpo higher, and i'm used ot playing him.

The Towel incident: The other day I did a "towel" laundry. Since the closeline does not have enought room for sheets and towels, I usually flip some small things over the lamps as we don't use the lamps durring the day I never worried about it. So we went out to a school "teacher party" and of course when he came back it was dark, so my husband turned onthe light, obviouslt not seeing the towel on top. A few mimuites later I started walking back and forth smelling something weird. TI folowed my nose and saw the towl smoking on top of the lamp, so i grabed it off and there was a big black spot on it where the light bulb was. It was kindof funny becuase neither or us really noticed the towel until After the smoke started comming.. i guewss it mean we're used to having towles and clothes hanging from odd places...

I barrowed "the Nutcracker" from the libray and listened to it on my computer. It is long, but certianly not boring. Here is a "teser/clip". (Just for thoses who like to know; its a fairly small file, about the same size of some jpg's on this site: 108KB.)

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