My "organized" (really the one from 2004) Wish List

NOTE: If you see something you think I'd Really like, then that's fine too. The list is to give you ideas and to help you if you don't know what to get.

Whitman's double box of chocolates
Cadberry liquid filled candy bar
Bath oil balls
Bath powder cubes
bath "color your water" stuff

Art Stuff:
Book on how to knitt "begginer" socks
Rug hook and or rug hook canvas
Large (at least 20x14)leather portfolio/binder for drawings
Sketchpad of watercolor paper
Origami paper
Photo paper
tiny can of gold paint (Not arcrilic, water color, or poster paint)
Something you think I'd like.

Chinese checker set with marbles
Small orb
Glow in the dark modaling clay
Any fun loking game
bath finger paint or crayons

Socks with pictures
Hair things(scrunches)
Button sweater with pockets if possible
dark red pants (sewn in the usually style)

a computer marble-drop game
computer ball puzzle games or tetris game(s)
Rechargeable "AA" batteries with adaptor
Color ink cartridge for: "Hewlett Packard psc 750"

Ecuador stuff:
leather suitcase
baby "rattle shampo"
otovalo scrunchies
(i'll figure the rest of this one out when i'm there)

Just in case you Really can't think of Anything else at all...
Dr Who movies I'm still trying to replace:
E-space trilogy
Nightmare on Eden
Mind of evil
The Daleks
The Invasion
The Time Monster
Frontier in Space
Horns of Nimon
Vengeance on Varos
Delta and the Bannermen
The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

Other: plastic floor chair like they sell in airplanes for kids where it's just a peace of plastic you sit on but it gives you a lean back.(sometimes called "back jacks")